My production work has taken me across the US and to 17 countries to date. I've developed projects for a variety of networks including Travel Channel, History Channel, Fox Digital, and Investigation Discovery.  A few recent examples are below. Many more samples are available by request. 

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2018 - Role: Post Production Coordinator for all rise films. 

The documentary aired on HBO and won a Sports Emmy Award for Outstanding Long Sports Documentary.



As an associate producer with Committee Films, a received a text from my cousin, an author and real estate agent in South Carolina. He reached out for advice after his former boss, arrested after a woman had been found chained alive in a shipping container on his property, reached out to him from jail asking him to write a book about his twisted story. Seeing an opportunity to gain rare access to a serial killer, I brought the story to the owner of the company, a former investigative journalist. I worked on the initial development materials for the series, as well as traveled to South Carolina twice as an associate producer and camera operator. Investigation Discovery purchased the 3 part, 2 hour series, which airs in July and early August 2019.



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2018 - Role: Archival Producer and Post Production Coordinator for all rise films. 

All Rise Films produced 6 episodes of the Phenoms series for Fox Digital.

I helped acquire and clear footage from dozens of sources, and coordinated field production and post production teams. 

The series aired on Fox Sports and sister networks globally in June 2018. 



2018 - Role: Post Production Coordinator. 

This feature-length documentary film debuted at South by Southwest in 2018 and was broadcast on Fox Sports. 

It was directed and produced by All Rise Films in partnership with DDC International.  

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2017 - Role: Associate producer. 

I was associate producer for Committee Films on the initial sizzle featuring fantasy author Pat Rothfuss. I helped scout locations and coordinated field production. The Travel Channel aired a pilot based on the initial concept as Myth or Monster in 2017. 

Role: Producer, writer, host, editor. 

This video currently greets all visitors to the Duke Lemur Center in Durham, North Carolina just before tours in the visitor center. It's been viewed by many thousands of guests at this point. It's one of my favorite pieces I've worked on.