About Stephen L. Garrett.


Producer. Photographer. Editor. (Cyclist.) 

My unique production career has spanned over 10 years and has taken me to locations across the US and to 16 countries as both a field producer and cinematographer. Iā€™m able to slot myself into almost any production role and have an understanding of and experience in each aspect of production. 

In Minneapolis, I worked for Committee Films as an associate producer in their development department. My job was to help develop television show concepts based on network mandates, then assist in the production and filming of sizzles, character reels, and proof of concept videos. My experience in editing also shifted the burden away from the post-production department so that the development department handled the complete production and delivery of both paper and video pitches to our network clients. 

New opportunities have brought me to Chicago. I've been working as a contract archival producer on a 6-episode, multi-year project that was filmed in 13 countries and will broadcast globally on a major network in mid 2018. I collaborated with each member of the team to assess their needs, and then improved communication by introducing new production documents, schedules, and file-use standards, all while helping to acquire and license archival material from dozens of sources. Soon I was asked to be the post-production coordinator for 3 additional feature-length documentaries that are going to both festivals and to broadcast. 

When I'm not at work, I'm often out there somewhere pushing my limits on a bicycle. 

Have a look around and please contact me if you'd like to review my resume, request more project samples, or set up a time to chat! Thanks for visiting! 

I look forward to helping you with your story. 

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